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5 Player Playthrough of Borgata

 Who will become the Boss.  We have been asked to do another play through of Borgata. This is a 5 player game, to win you need to control all the borrows or become Boss. Noel was the one that reached boss first which ended the game. I sped up a lot of the video to keep it short for you all. 

Borgata Playthrough and Review

 Joe and Tom Play and Review Borgata card game. 

Steve Jackson Munchkin Christmas in July unboxing

 We just received the Steve Jackson Games Christmas in July Kickstarter and decided to do an unboxing video. 

Everdell Unboxing

 Tom gets a kickstarter edition of Everdell and Jessi does an unboxing video 

Azul Playthrough

Board Game Recomendations for 4 year olds and younger

 Jessi goes through our game collection and talks about a few of our children's favorite board games. 

Sagrada Playthrough

 Jess and Joe playing Sagrada