April Haul 2019

 These are all the books that I bought in the month of April.  

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April 2019 Trip to Wisconsin

 I head East with the Littles. We venture into the sunrise. We spend several days with my parents.  

Book Buddy a thon TBR / 2019

 Book Buddy-a-thon 2019. I am participating  with my friend Amanda. We are reading A Curse So Dark And Lonely together.  This read-a-thon was develpoed by Elena at Elena Reads. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B-Xe...I am also going to see if any of these will fit into prompts fit for my O.W.L.S. I found that read-a-thon too late to add them together.  Wish me luck 

March Wrap up

 All the books I read in march. Book pictures are from good read. 

March Haul

 Here are the book I purchased in March. Several are from Thrift Books and Last Stop CD Shop. The last ones are from a friend.  All book covers came from Goodread.com 

Dumbo Book Tag

 I love Disney so much that I decided to make my own book tag. I had trouble with two of the prompts so I  'phoned a friend'. My friend Amanda helped me with two of these prompts.  Mrs. Jumbo -A Mother's Love -Pick a book that you love no matter what other's opinions are Timothy- "You want to pick on the little guy" -Pick a character that stands up for the little guys The Crows- Best Supporting Characters- Pick a character or group of characters that are your favorite supporting characters 

Buzzword Wrap up Round #3

 These are the books I read during this round of the Buzzword read-a-thon. I tried to vlog and that failed. Out of three books I read a 5 stars.  "That's Not What Happened" By Kody Keplinger. Love this book!! 

Re-Read-a-thon Vlog

 This is my attempt at a read-a-thon. See how it goes.   

The Quacks of Quedlingburg https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/2...

The Fill-in Boyfriend https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1... 

Buzzword Readathon TBR//2019

 These are the books that I found on my want to read list from Good reads. Eight books seems like a lot for me to read in and eight day period. The readathon runs through March 18-24. Books and Lala originally had this idea here is her announcement for this round https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vhlsg... 


 This is my TBR for the re-readathon. This runs from March 10th to the 16th. #rereadathon2019 

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Reading vlog - I Finished 4 books

 In this reading vlog you see Average Joe's Family at the beginning of march. We deal with weather, little children stealing things, and reading. We travel to the library where Little Miss puts on a show for "Her" video. We even get in a few rounds of a great family game.  Bees is a great family game for 2-5 player game. It is a fast passed dice rolling game. 

Weekend Vlog Episode 4

 Jessi talks about the books she is reading, and updates on her mom life. 

August TBR

 Jessi talks about her August TBR. 

July Haul

 Jessi talks about her July book haul. 

July Wrap up

 Books Jessi has been reading 

Weekend Vlog Episode 3

 Weekend Vlog, reading, and game room organization, unattended water 

July Vlog Episode 2

 Watching hulk for marvel Monday, talked about books being read. 

Vlog July 13th

 Vlog from the weekend of July 13th. Talked about books I was reading, visit at last stop, Game with friends. 

July TBR

 Jess talks about a her July TBR 

June Haul

 Jess talks about her June haul at last stop CD shop and the library.